NaturPet Lung Care 草本肺部護理 (貓狗用) 100ml

你可賺取 325 積分.


舊名 : Healthy Lungs 舒緩支氣管液

土木香 (Elecampane root)

野生櫻桃樹皮 (Wild Cherry Bark)

– 舒緩哮喘、肺病
– 袪痰止咳
– 加強呼吸道功能

• Helps with a variety of respiratory conditions including asthma, kennel cough, and para-influenza.

• Soothes your pet’s respiratory system calming bronchial spasm and dry, spasmodic coughs.

• Contains expectorants to help clear your pet’s lungs.

• Combats infections using herbs with antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.

• Boosts your pet’s immune system.

• Safe to use long term for pets with more chronic respiratory conditions.

• Suitable for cats and dogs.

Dry coughs may mean kennel cough. Wet coughs could be a sign of pneumonia. “Goose honks” in toy breeds of dogs may be a sign of collapsed trachea. Listen to your pet’s cough and see your Vet if it persists.


NaturPet Lung Care 肺部護理
NaturPet Lung Care 草本肺部護理 (貓狗用) 100ml


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